Corporate Initiatives Supporting Education, and Social Responsibility

IDFC FIRST Bank (India)

This bank has supported various mental health initiatives in India, particularly focusing on supporting students from low-income backgrounds to pursue studies in applied psychology and work in mental health interventions. They also provide economic support and disability allowances to those living with mental health conditions in ultra-poor communities.

Aditya Birla Group (India)

Aditya Birla Education Trust focuses on mental health awareness and support. They conduct social media campaigns and activities around World Mental Health Day and organize free online counselling sessions, making mental health care more accessible.

Tata Trusts (India)

Tata Trusts have a long-standing commitment to mental health care and wellbeing. Their involvement goes beyond financial support, including partnerships with various organizations to address the burden of mental disorders and the impact of wellbeing on overall health.


HDFC's CSR initiatives in education focus on various aspects, including providing scholarships, supporting educational programs for disadvantaged groups, and teacher training. They implement these initiatives through the HT Parekh Foundation.


One of IBM’s programs, KidSmart early learning, is a partnership with the United Way, the Bank Street College of Education and the Center for Children and Technology. It aims to use technology to help beginning students around the globe.


Noteworthy program: Spanish-based telecommunications provider Telefonica’s EducaRed portal is designed to integrate information technologies into classrooms around the globe. They’ve been working with mental health organisations as well.


GlaxoSmithKline funds educational projects around the world, including India’s Ashirwad School for children with intellectual disabilities.


Microsoft unveiled its YouthSpark program, which is designed to help create educational and economic opportunities for children around the world, in 2012. According to the company, it has served 227 million young people since then.


The SAP Corporate Social Responsibility (SAP CSR) team focuses on three pillars: accelerating social business, building future skills, and collaborating for sustainability.

Not companies but could be good to see: CSR Europe Networks